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Home Buying Misconceptions

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There is stress, anxiety, and uncertainty to name a few during the home buying process. Unfortunately it doesnt' help the situation when you may receive a lot of bad advice and information whether it's via internet, from friends, colleagues or family members. There are a lot of home buying misconceptions out there, many of which can deter you from actually attempting to buy your home.
We want to clear your mind a bit and make you feel more at ease, so that when you are ready to buy you will have the facts to move forward.

1)  you need lots of money to put down~ there are actually many ways to purchase a home with little to no money down.
2)  I dont need a Real Estate Agent ~ technically you don't need to use a Real Estate Agent, but if you actually want to get the best advice from an expert and be protected your best bet is to go with the pros.
3)  Online Home Evaluations are accurate~ in most cases these are inacurate, to get the actual fair market value you should again stick with a professional.
4)  When is the right time to buy- a lot of home buyers are thinking that right now is not the time to buy, the reality is now is the best time to buy while the mortgage rates are still low.
5) You should start really low with a purchase offer~ Many believe their initial offer should be much lower than the asking price. This could lead to an irate seller, there are however certain cases when the buyer is correct in offering a lower offer.
Believing the above misconceptions can be harmful to you. Whether these misconceptions lead to a buyer not pursuing a home or it leads to an unsuccessful buying experience, it's important you get the proper facts and knowledge. We are here to put your mind at ease, reach out to us.

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