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4 Kitchen & Bath Extras You Never Knew You Wanted

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April 2, 2017.

Here are some Top Kitchen Features that have now made it on many homeowners wish list that weren't there before


Soft Closing Drawers

The soft close feature is a great way to add a bit of luxury to your kitchen. This is also a very attractive selling feature when you decide to sell your home in the future. 

The soft close mechanism allows drawers and cabinets to close sliently and smoothly. It also keeps drawer contents in one place, rather than slamming drawers often sends contents flying. It is also safe for kids becuase it prevents their little fingers from getting pinched. 



More and more companies seem to be offering similar “spotless” finishes on their newer appliances and faucets, so I hope it’s a long-term trend we can all take advantage of. I can see this finish being especially useful for things like bathroom faucet handles, too. They get splattered with soap, toothpaste, etc., the most.


Bluetooth-Enables or Voice Activated Devices

Bluetooth speakers aren’t exactly a novel concept, but they’re also (IMO) easily forgotten when designing. It absolutely makes sense to incorporate quality speakers into the rooms where you listen to music the most. 

For Example, adding an Amazon Echo Dot to the kitchen can make cooking and doing dishes a far more enjoyable activity!


Deep Basin Sinks

For those who, like me, seem to dirty every dish in the house when making a meal, a super deep sink is ideal. You have plenty of space for prepping meals, and in a pinch you can hide your dirty dishes in there until you are able to wash them. This is a nice sink for bakers or others who are regularly washing large sheet pans and cutting boards too. A sink depth of at least 10 inches will give you the room you need to wash larger dishes without splashing water all over the floor and surrounding countertops. 

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