By: Ragona Sisters

Somethings to know about the life of a Real Estate Agent

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You often hear of many people wanting to get into real estate.
Single mothers looking for a career change, a father looking for a part job..

They say in life, a person goes through an average of three career changes.

Many think a real estate agents job is easy going job.

Aside for the job being rewarding, let me tell you the other side of the "Life as a Real Estate Agent" 

-Most agents are glued to their phone, which is not always a good thing for your personal life. Some agents say they have no life. The job is on demand and you have to work on your cilents schedule.
i.e. if you wait 30 mins to contact a buyer back, that buyer may have contacted someone else because we are in an instant response generation.

-Your schedule is not what you had planned. think you have dinner plans Friday at 7pm, will guess what, you might have an offer coming in on that same night that your plans might have to get cancelled or postponed

-Constant rejection occurs. If your a sensitve person, it really does a number on you. You either 'toughen up' or get taken down by the wave.
i.e. Your may have a cousin or friend who wants to sell their home but you find out that they didn't bother calling you, they called that other agent in your office. It does happen!

-If your dealing with someone's personal residence, there is a lot of emotions involved especially if it's a divorce. Emotional fights do happen in front of you and you may get caught in the crossfire.

- Heavy realtor costs. Realtors have to pay board fees, provincial real estate fees, insurance, Canadian Assoication fees, office fees, (just to name a few) on top of there other expenses. Just alone on membership and office fees an average agent is looking at $2000 a month.  So if you don't make a sale, its hard to swallow.

As you will hear a real estate agent say, "You can have amazing days and on the opposite you can have very low days." It's a roller coaster ride.
Being an agent is not for everyone.  If your think of this career change, make sure the job is right for you

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