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Why Fall/Winter is the best time to buy..

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Have you ever noticed how the market starts to pick up as soon as the flowers start sprouting and your grass becomes visibly appealing again? Although you might agree with home-owners that when it comes to purchasing and selling,  the warmer climate settings are more convenient and 50% of homes are sold in the summer. However, We Were never ones to run with the crowd. We would rather get the best deal, and avoid bidding wars, which is when when the weather turns colder and the days grow shorter

Year after year, closings in January show a dip in prices, suggesting that buyers who made offers in November and December got the BEST deals. A RealtyTrac analysis of home sales over the past 15 years pegged October -December as the BEST month to buy at a DISCOUNT, 2.6% less than the fair value at that time. To be sure, buyers who shop later in the year are more likely to negotiate a better price, even less than asking at times.

So if you were on the fence about selling in November, now is the time to run to the phone and call our team. A little cold weather never scared us. 











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