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See the room Transformations that made the home sellers more money

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  Staging your home is your ticket to getting more money! FREE Home Staging when you list with the Ragona Sisters Team Get a Higher Sale price Spend less days on the market. Experience less stress  Before and After pictures with RESULTS ...     SOLD $10,000 OVER ASKING     It takes only 6 seconds for buyers to form an opinion on whether or not they a...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

9 steps to take to build your credit score before buying a home

Tags: buying a home, credit score, planning ahead, mortgage

When you decide to buy a homem it doesn’t just begin when you walk through the door of your first open house – it starts long before that. One of the first steps to home ownership is figuring out your financial situation, and that includes understanding your credit, a critical piece of the buying process. Good credit often opens the door to success when it comes to buying a home, a...Read More

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Is it better to SELL my house first, then BUY?

Tags: seller, real estate market. list my home, right time, homeowners

A classic dilemma for homeowners is whether to sell their existing home before purchasing another, or the other way around. OPTION 1: BUY FIRST, THEN SELL The advantages are that you can first find your perfect home, and then once that is taken care of, sell your previous one.  That approach, while appealing, has a few significant drawbacks.  Can you qualify for a second mortgage?...Read More

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Benefits of why you should get a Mortgage Pre-Approval ahead of Time!

Tags: buyers, mortgage, preapproval, certificiate,

Buying a new home is not easy. It’s one of the most emotional and biggest financial decisions you will ever have to make. This entire process is rated as one of the most exciting yet stressful times in one’s life. There’s plenty to consider: location, affordability, mortgage term and rates. There are also quite a few people to deal with: agents, lawyers, lender, seller, etc. Fort...Read More

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What to Buy: New vs Resale Home

Tags: buyer, new homes, resale homes, investment,

When it comes time to invest in a property, deciding whether to buy new or old is a hot topic and can often lead to disagreements. This is your hard earned cash and it deserves to be invested in a place that is right for you. To better help you decide your next step, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both options. NEW HOME INVESTMENT The beauty of a new home is that you are...Read More

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Learn the Tips on Preparing your home for a Home Inspector

Tags: home inspection, sellers, preparing, renovations

A visit from a home inspector is inevitable when selling a home. Know your home and be mindful of all its serious issues (if any). Below is a list of steps to ensure that the selling and home inspection process run smoothly.  1.  Ensure that past home renovations have not damaged the structure of the home. Look for structural damages caused by termites, if settling of the home over...Read More

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5 Tips to Get the HIghest Sale price

Tags: Highest price, selling your home, home evaluation, getting ready to sell, decluttering

Who doesn’t want to get the most out of their investment? You’ve worked hard for your home and it deserves to be viewed in the most dynamic way possible. These 5 inexpensive recommendations will give your home an instant face-lift and thus achieving big returns on your property.    1.  ORGANIZE Make a list and collect all the unwanted and unused furniture and applia...Read More

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Selling Your Home - Where to Begin Checklist

Tags: selling your home, home evaluation, checklist, tips, decluttering, real estate market,

First Impressions What attracted you to your house when you first bought it? What features excited you the most? Now that you’re selling your home, it’s time to look at it as if you are buying it all over again. A well-kept, organized house makes a great first impression to potential buyers. The space and feel of a home provides a vision to your buyer. You want them to see their li...Read More

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9 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Home

Tags: buy home, buying a home, home ownership, questions, homes, credit score, home affordability, pre-approved mortgage, home budgeting

9 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Home     Is Your Credit Score Healthy? Your credit history and score are very important when looking to buy a home. This will determine what interest rates lenders will offer you. The higher the credit score, typically the better rate you will get on your mortgage.  To improve your chances, pull your credit reports and ensur...Read More

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Walk Score and Real Estate: What You Need To Know

Tags: walk score, real estate, buying, buying a home,

Walk Score and Real Estate: What You Need To Know   You might have been hearing people talking about “Walk Score” a little more often nowadays. When it comes to Real Estate, many buyers and renters are now basing their decisions on where they are living by the Walk Score.   Just what is a Walk Score? A Walk Score is a unit of measurement that identifies how walk friendl...Read More

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