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Asbestos and Renovations: Are You Putting Your Family At Risk?

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If you are thinking about repairing, renovating or completely demolishing an older home, there is a strong probability that you will encounter Asbestos. Asbestos is a strong, fire-resistant mineral fibre used in material, such as cement and plaster, to increase its structural strength.   When materials containing asbestos are in good condition and left intact, they do not pose any health ha...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Vaughan Homes for Sale and what to expect in this market?

Tags: Vaughan, home buying, sellers market, real estate, homes for sale in vaughan, homes in Vauhgan

If your considering buying in Vaughan, it looks like a very different market when comparing to neigbhouring communities such as Brampton and Mississauga. Vaughan market has very hot areas that are in high demand causing dramaic increases to the annual appreciation rate which is becoming increasingly lucrative to the residents investing in this area. If your expecting to find a home in Va...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

10 Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper

Tags: Decoration, wallpaper, real estate

10 Creative Ways to Use Wallpaper.   If you don’t have some extra wallpaper lying around, drop by your local décor wallpaper store to find half rolls or remnants.  Here are some ideas as to what can be don’t with these rolls; 1.Wallpaper a single wall in a room for a dramatic accent. 2.Wallpaper the lower third of the wall, then install a level s...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Careful Home Buyers! Pre-Approvals are not Full Approvals

Tags: mortgage pre-approval, multiple offers, buyers, real estate

In our strong Real Estate Market, some buyers are getting into mulitple offer situations where they are not including financing because they got a pre-approval. Pre-approvals are not Full Approvals. Even if a lender pre-approves you, if it believes upon appraisal that the house is not worth what you’ve paid, the lender could just cancel the loan. “Let’s say you went to a...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Canadians Spend more of their income on Housing

Tags: Canadians, real estate, income, debt

I came across this article in the Canadian Real Estate Magazine and stumbled upon this information that I would like to share. A study done by BlackRock states that Canadians spend a higher percentage of their income on housing than almost any other country. For every dollar of income Canadians pay roughly 43 cents on house-related expenses. This includes mortgage and utilities.  Th...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Really Bad MLS photos

Tags: MLS photos, listing, bad photos, humor

Thousands of pictures on MLS there is bound to be some Really Bad photos. Here are some for your humor: ------------------------------- I can't tell if that's a Monkey or a cat Clearance Sale, Aisle 2 If the inside as nice as the outside, its a Beauty! Where the Neigbhours will never give you trouble Nice Pool! ...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

10 Things you want to Avoid when Selling your home

Tags: selling, tip, advice, getting the home ready for sale

Beware of the following 10 tips before Selling your Home: ODOUR – Nothing worse than walking into a Sellers home and smelling every possible bad odor you could think of; fried food, spices, smoke, sweat, mold, urine, and pets.   The Buyers would very irritated and would make it difficult for them to do a proper walk through of your home. PETS THAT GREET YOU AT THE DO...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

What to Renovate in your Condo with the best Return on Investment

Tags: Renovate, real estate, condo, sellers

Renovations can vary from extremely expensive to minimal costs. In a condo you want to yield the highest return on investment so you should be wise on what you Renovate. Below is a list of TIps on Areas to Renovate: 1. Kitchen: According to a Statistical Anaylsis, Kitchens can yield you almost 90% return on your investment and is the most valuable upgrade. Your best option is to do a l...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

What colours should I paint my walls?

Tags: painting, colors, tips, sellers, buyers

First Impressions are everything when selling your home.  You would think something as simple as a coat of paint on the wall could possibly not be a deal breaker but surprisingly it is!  The color on your walls sets as an important backdrop.  It sets the stage for all your furnishings and décor to be tied in together. Every color gives a unique feel.    ...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

What Smell Gets You?

Tags: real estate, selling, smell

Forget coffee and fresh bread when selling your home – experts are now saying that the perfect smell to sell a house is WHITE TEA and FIG   Property experts claim that homes with the scents of WHITE TEA and FIG have sold quickly then those that didn’t feature a smell. Up until now I traditionally knew that putting a fresh pot of coffee, baking an apple pie or bread with...Read More

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