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What to Renovate in your Condo with the best Return on Investment

Tags: Renovate, real estate, condo, sellers

Renovations can vary from extremely expensive to minimal costs. In a condo you want to yield the highest return on investment so you should be wise on what you Renovate. Below is a list of TIps on Areas to Renovate: 1. Kitchen: According to a Statistical Anaylsis, Kitchens can yield you almost 90% return on your investment and is the most valuable upgrade. Your best option is to do a l...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

What colours should I paint my walls?

Tags: painting, colors, tips, sellers, buyers

First Impressions are everything when selling your home.  You would think something as simple as a coat of paint on the wall could possibly not be a deal breaker but surprisingly it is!  The color on your walls sets as an important backdrop.  It sets the stage for all your furnishings and décor to be tied in together. Every color gives a unique feel.    ...Read More

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What Smell Gets You?

Tags: real estate, selling, smell

Forget coffee and fresh bread when selling your home – experts are now saying that the perfect smell to sell a house is WHITE TEA and FIG   Property experts claim that homes with the scents of WHITE TEA and FIG have sold quickly then those that didn’t feature a smell. Up until now I traditionally knew that putting a fresh pot of coffee, baking an apple pie or bread with...Read More

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Why is your first offer usually your best offer?

Tags: best offer, sellers, real estate, market, conditions

On average, a buyer will go through many steps before buying a home which could takes months or maybe years before making a decision. Today, Buyers usually start their search on their own. Researching the areas of interest and seeing what prices are like in certain neighbourhoods and viewing virtual tours. Buyers will then take the next step and maybe visit open houses to get their feet wet ...Read More

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Mould found in your home after closing. The home inspector gave you a good report...Now what?

Tags: home inspection, liability, real estate, resale homes

When you buy a resale home and conduct a home inspection with a professional, they will inspect what they can physically see and not what's hidden behind walls. Read this story on a court case against a home inspector: David McCarthy and Debbie MacNeil bought a home in Halifax in May 2013. They had received a positive report from their home inspector.  Later that year, significa...Read More

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Realtor loses her license after hiding a portion of the house!

Tags: real estate, disclosure, selling

We all know, when you list your home, the Seller and Sales Representative have to disclose all pertinent facts about the home and act in good faith. Well, let me tell you about this bizarre story I heard that makes me wonder why on earth someone would put themselves in a situation like this: A Realtor in Newark was going through a divorce and her soon to be ex-husband asked the Board of ...Read More

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How to Prepare for an Early Retirement

Tags: Retirement, advice, Expenses, Real Estate

Based on an HSBC study, 40% of Canadians are not financially secured for Retirement as 11% said they are adequetly prepared and ready for it. The major reason for Canadians not being financially secured for Retirement is a Lack of Savings! Here is what you need to do to prepare for a retirement. 1. Save a big percentage of your income. Financial advisors typically recommend saving 10 ...Read More

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Tips: Divorce and Dealing with Selling your Real Estate.- How can I get the most return?

Tags: Divorce, sellers, real estate, finances, advice

According to statistics, approximately 70,000 Canadian couples get a divorce every year and financial implications follow that are almost impossible to avoid. Financial planners often say that divorce is one the worst decisions a couple can make from a financial point of view. Running a separate household is always more expensive then a couple sharing the cost of living. As Divorce happe...Read More

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What you should know about Multiple offers

Tags: multiple offers, buyers, seller, real estate, rule

The realty of today's real estate market is that it's common to see multiple offers in hot pocket areas like Toronto, Vaughan and Mississauga. Low interest rates are making home ownership very affordable. Odds are, if your looking in a high demand area, with a well priced home, your expected to face a mulitple offer situation. Here are some things you should know: 1. Agents may...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

When is your Decorating look too much?

Tags: decorating, pink, design, obsession

Many of us have a look we like but sometimes it can be too much. Check out these pictures of someone who is obsessed with Pink  ...Read More

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