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Do's and Don'ts from Top Designers

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  The way you decorate your home and place furniture can dictate the mood of the room.  Below are some guideline tips from Top Designers: Find a piece of inspiration, maybe from a painting to a sculpture. Make inspiration known in your home In Living Rooms, people like to sit and chat so make sure you have moveable seating so people can get close to have a conversation Don't go...Read More

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Ontario Stats on Home Ownership

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Feng Shui your Bedroom

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Feng Shui is the ancient living art of arranging furniture in a functional way. Furthermore, it is believed to enhance ones life in a harmonious way and many follow it. Here are some tips on Feng Shui for your Bedroom:   - Make sure your bed is not directly in front of the door. This is known to be bad luck. Make sure the bed is not obstructing the entry into the room and when lying ...Read More

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Feng Shui the Entryway of your Home

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Learn the do's and don'ts of Feng Shui in your Entrance ways Do's: - Include waterfalls or pieces of artwork as uplifting greeters - Clear entrance walkways and make sure its visible and safe - Create inviting and enticing entrances on the exterior and interior - Place inspiring objects leading to the front door such as flowers - Add lush evergreens that last all year Do...Read More

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What is a Status Certificate and why do I need it?

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When buying a condomininum it is different then buying a freehold home. First off, a condominium could be an apartment, townhouse or detached. There is a fee that is associated with the property. It may be common elements related to the amenities, shared driveways and other common areas used.The collection of these fees, usualy on a monthly basis, are managed by a condo Corporation. When ...Read More

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What to know about your credit

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Financials and Marriage Beware

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Many of us know that marriages have friction between partners. Not one relationship is perfect and there are disagreements. Number 1 reason polled for marriage break down is Financial position.  Couples who argued over money once a week were 30% more likely to end up in a divorce compared to couples who argued over finances once a month. In our line of work, we come across many co...Read More

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Tips for condo buyers

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Humor: Would you buy this home?

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Buyer's start their real estate search online and they spend 60% looking at photos of a home to see if the house is worth taking a look at. Here are some pictures of homes for sale that leave some speechless...   This man thought that taking a naked picture of himself would sell his home faster! Home is listed below market value. Only 3 other homes priced at the same price! ...Read More

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The Bridal Path is one of the most expense areas to live in Toronto

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Bridal Path is a very expensive area to live: Average Home Price is 2.24 mil Annual Household income: $936,137 Average Net Worth 22.77 mil  ...Read More

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