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Sellers: What are you looking for in a real estate agent?

Tags: Sellers, real estate agent, service, commission

If home owners decide to use an agent to sell their home, some will look at agents as an expense and want to hire the cheapest rate available. Other sellers will see the value of services provided by an agent a throughly review their marketing plan and negotiation tactics and agree on their rate. Statistics show that hiring a professional agent who stands by their value and has a marketing p...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Tips on how to avoid bad tenants

Tags: Rental investment, landlord, investment, real estate

The difference between a bad tenant and a good tenant could be the difference of thousands of dollars.   Here are some tips to follow: - get a background check. Include a credit check to look into their debt and see if they pay their bills on time. - call a couple of references that they provide. If they have rented before, try to contact their old tenant  - meet wit...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

What questions should I ask my Mortgage agent?

Tags: real estate, mortgage, tips, advice

  Interest rates shouldn't be the only question your asking you mortgage agent. The following are other questions you may want to know: - What is the Penalty on the mortgage if I decide to break the mortgage - Is the mortgage portable? Meaning if you sell the home before the term is up, can you port it to your new home - What are the pre-payment privilages to help pay the mor...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

What happens if my appliance breaks down from the resale home I just bought?

Tags: appliances, warranty, buyers, sellers

  A client of ours sold there house.  It was around 5 years old and in great condition. All the appliances, light fixtures and window coverings were including in the purchase and sale agreement. The buyer's agent had put this clause in the offer to protect the buyer:   "The Seller represents and warrants that the chattels and fixtures as included in the Agreement o...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

One of the best Real Estate TIps a Buyer should know before they start their search

Tags: First time home buyers, home buyers, real estate tip

The best tip we can give our buyers: "Buy the best home you can afford in the best neighbourhood you can afford. Your almost better off with the least expensive home in the area rather than the most expensive home." We had a older couple who lived in the west area in Vaughan. House was 3000 sqft and was around 15years old. The couple loved the house even though it was only the ...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Home Buyers: What to consider for resell purposes before you buy a home?

Tags: Buyers, investment, real estate, flip my home, find a house, RAGONA sisters, linda marchese ragona, Luisa RAGONA, Claudia RAGONA, Remax, MLS search, sellers

When buying real estate, undoubtably you have to consider the location.  You often hear of a location is the biggest factor.  Aside from this, there are other things that you should be looking at when buying a home.  There may be some things that you haven't considered that you should as it will be better for resale purposes.  Consider the following tips: - if y...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Somethings to know about the life of a Real Estate Agent

Tags: real estate agent, career, orea, crea, remax, salesperson, vaughan,

You often hear of many people wanting to get into real estate. Single mothers looking for a career change, a father looking for a part job.. They say in life, a person goes through an average of three career changes. Many think a real estate agents job is easy going job. Aside for the job being rewarding, let me tell you the other side of the "Life as a Real Estate Age...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Can you see behind a coat of Paint?

Tags: selling, listing a home, seller, curb appeal,

Many buyers get a first impression that will give them an idea if the house is right for them. It all starts at the exterior- curb appeal.  A few years ago we had a bungalow in a nice mature residential area in Vaughan. Priced it right and had a functional layout with modern finishings. We had one problem, the colors on the home were these devastating blue and orange combo. We had ha...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Are smaller homes better then bigger homes?

Tags: negotiations, real estate agent, buyer, seller, first time home buyer, tips about real estate, questions to ask your real estate agent, investment property

Recently I read an article in the paper and it talked about how much better it is on utility cost to own a smaller home vs a bigger home - All I have to say is "common sense" The larger the home, the larger the utility bills.     The article stated that if you compared a 1600sqft home to a 3200sqft home the cost to heat the house would be double. As a result the utilit...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

Is your real estate agent working in your best interest?

Tags: negotiations, real estate agent, buyer, seller, first time home buyer, tips about real estate, questions to ask your real estate agent

Everyone knows that there are tons of real estate agents and for each person, someone knows at least two. You have to remember that not all agents work the same. They say 10% of agents sell 90% of the properties and 90% of agents sell 10% of the properties. So as you can see, there are many agents who do not have many sales under their belt. This can be the case if their part time and this is very...Read More

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