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The Bridal Path is one of the most expense areas to live in Toronto

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Bridal Path is a very expensive area to live: Average Home Price is 2.24 mil Annual Household income: $936,137 Average Net Worth 22.77 mil  ...Read More

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Smallest house in Toronto

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  128 Day Avenue, Toronto Ontario   Is on record of being one of the smallest houses in Toronto.  The house is also known as "the little house ."  The Dimensions of the house is 2.2 m wide and 14.3 m long. This small lot was conceived as a future laneway for the neighboring home.  it was not used for this purpose because the city never cut the curb to allow fo...Read More

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A common problem: I hate my neighbours!

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From our experience, there are 5 top reason why people move: Divorce, change of living arrangements, upsizing to accommodate a growing family, financial problems, job transfer and people who don't like their neighbours. I'm finding people who don't like their neighbours a more common problem. I've heard stories of neighbours not paying for their portion of the fence to neigh...Read More

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One good tool that many don't know about when looking into a Neighbourhood

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When your looking for a home and are concerned about how good the neighbourhood is for your family, there is a tool that's available online. It's called crime maps!  An interactive crime map to find out exactly what kind of crime is happening on your street and in your neighbourhood. The map allows residents to search by street name, police division, municipal ward or t...Read More

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Before and After Staging Pics

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Staging your home can get you 7% more money then an unstaged home. Staging can be expensive and other times a simple touch can make a big difference   ...Read More

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Energy saving tips!

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Here are some tips to help you save money on your bills; Basement: In an unfinished basement try to find spider webs. If there is a web, it means there is draft in the basement.  A large amount of heat is lost with an uninsulated basement Furnace: Clean or replace the furnace filter every three months. A dirty air filter causes the furnace to work harder to push the hot air throug...Read More

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What is rent to own?

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Rent to own (also called lease to own) is favorable for buyers who may not have a good credit score, insufficient down payment or other factors that prohibit them from buying a home at that time. Rent to own is an Option to Purchase Contract between the Landlord and Tenant that in a certain time frame, usually 3 years, the tenant will pay for the rent plus an additional fee of around 2-2....Read More

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Wording is very important in the Purchase and Sale Agreement. Let me tell you why

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When you find a home you love, your real estate agent will put together a Purchase and Sale Agreement. In this Agreement it sets out very important information on the terms and conditions between the buyer and seller. It is vital that the wording of the offer allows no room for other intrepretations as this can be detrimental. A few years back I heard a case about a couple who put an offe...Read More

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Do you have animals in your home and listing your home for sale?

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Do you currently own an animal and have decided to list your home? When you get your home ready for sale, the objective is to get as many people interested in your home.  Some don't realize but sense of smell is very important in the home.   Many animals, especially dogs leave that wet dog smell in the home that many detest. The smell can be strong in fabric furniture...Read More

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Is it worth getting my home staged?

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Home staging is basically turning your every day home into a model home in which for some, may seem overwhelming. It can be an emotional task to De-personalize their home that they may have been in for many years.   Here at the Ragona sisters team, we believe that Staging will not only benefit on getting the home sold quicker, it will also sell for more money.  Up to 7% more t...Read More

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