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Can a buyer back out of the deal once we have an accepted Agreement of Purchase and Sale?

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Can a buyer back out of a deal? The answer is YES   Real life example of what happened to our Seller clients. We had an accepted offer on our Sellers property on the condition of financing and home inspection (formal conditions that you mostly see on purchase and sale agreements) The offer was signed Monday and by Wednesday the buyers agent contacted me to inform me that her cli...Read More

By: Ragona Sisters

What areas of the home to upgrade to give you the greatest return on investment

Tags: renovations, roi, investment, real estate, buy and sell, first time home buyers

If your thinking of upgrading your home certain improvements will gain you a greater return on your investment then others.   For example, we had a client who spent $60,000 on outside landscaping. Brought in large rocks, landscaped with a beautiful pond with a water fall.. just to name a few things done. But inside the cabinets were hunter green and we all know that hunter green cabin...Read More

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How many houses do you have to see to find the right one?

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From experience, buyers are very different from one to the next. We've had buyers buy the first house they saw. They've fallen in love with everything and they know its the right one. Others will see a series of homes (10-20) to make sure they know when they found the perfect home.  We've also experienced buyers looking for over 2 years because they are unsure if what there lookin...Read More

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Some things you should know about a multiple offer situation

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We often get asked by our clients how exactly multiple offers works and the answer to that question is that it varies depending on the situation. For example, A few months ago our buyers had put an offer on a 3br/3bth detached home in Vaughan. By the end of day, the agent had called me to tell me that there are two other offers on the same property and offers were to be presented in person at...Read More

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For the Love of Trees

Tags: Buyer, lawyer, first time home buyer, home insurance, home inspection, buying a home, sellers

Recent situation occured in this past year where a buyer purchased a property.  The house was perfect but the buyers especially loved the large mature trees in the back of the property which made it a private backyard oasis.  A week before closing, the buyer had revisited the home to only find out that the trees have been cut down with only the stumps remaining in the ground. Buyers we...Read More

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What happens if there are issues that are revealed in a home inspection?

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Let's face it, not one home is perfect.  There will be some issues with the home. Some problems the buyer is aware of before putting in an offer and others revealed through a home inspection that are unknown to the buyer. Here are some options the buyer can take if an unforseen issue is detected during inspection: Option 1: The seller can fix these issues at the sellers own expense ...Read More

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What to know when using a home inspector to buy a home

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Home inspections are extremely important in my opinion. When your investing your money in such a large asset it's money well spent to see what condition the home is in. When your interested in buying a home, you should put an offer conditional on a home inspection. Therefore, the home is not sold until this condition is fulfilled. Home inspection condition is usually 5 days or could be less de...Read More

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When and why do you need to submit a deposit when purchasing real estate?

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A deposit is required on a real estate purchase once the offer is excepted (pending conditions if any).  The deposit money is held in trust by the listing brokerage to ensure that the buyer will be closing once their conditions have been fulfilled. In the event the conditions in an offer are not met, the deposit will be returned in full to the buyer, not a penny less. On the flipside of ...Read More

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What is title insurance? And why do I need it?

Tags: Real estate, new listings, homes for sale, real estate agents, vaughan, eden mills, kleinburg, maple, sonoma heights, vellore village, weston downs, woodbridge, mississauga, brampton, georgetown, acton, vaughan, mortgage, insurance, first time home buyers, title insurance, lawyer

Title refers to the persons interest in a property. Title insurance protects the homeowner ownership from any title defects resulting in loss. It also protects the priority on the mortgage in the event of a loss.   Some covered title risks for residential properties include: -someone else owns an interest in your title -existing liens against the title -violations of municipal zonin...Read More

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Does this deck need a permit?

Tags: decks, permits, by laws, real estate, resale home, home, real estate agents, first time home buyer, buying a home

Questions: Does the deck need a permit? Answer: We often get this question when buyers look at a resale homes and see an existing deck.  Every city has its own rules but most have the general rule that if your deck is more than 2ft off the ground it needs a permit before construction. In some cities, permits are required if the deck is attached to the house regardless if its more tha...Read More

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